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Ultime pubblicazioni - Last papers!

Bacci G. et al. (2015) Evaluation of the Performances of Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) Classifier for Taxonomic Assignment of 16S rRNA Metabarcoding Sequences Generated from Illumina-Solexa NGS. Journal of Genomics 3:36-39.  

Mengoni A et al. (2014) Antibiotic resistance differentiates Echinacea purpurea endophytic bacterial communities with respect to plant organs Research in Microbiology doi: 

Bevivino A., et al. (2014) Soil bacterial community response to differences in agricultural management along with seasonal changes in a Mediterranean regionPlosOne 9(8): e105515

Borruso L., et al. (2014) Rhizobacterial communities of Phragmites australis in a hypersaline pond in Lake Wuilangsuhai, Inner Mongolia, China. FEMS Microbiology Letters In press

Donnarumma F. et al. (2014). Biogeography of Sinorhizobium meliloti nodulating alfalfa in different Croatian regionsResearch in Microbiology In press doi: 10.1016/j.resmic.2014.06.001

Emiliani G., et al. (2014) Linking bacterial endophytic communities to essential oils: clues from Lavandula angustifolia Mill.. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine  Article ID 650905, 16 pages

Roumiantseva M.,et al. (2014). ITS Polymorphism of Salt Tolerant and Salt Sensitive Native Isolates of Sinorhizoblum meliloti - Symbionts of Alfalfa , Clover and Fenugreek Plants. Russian Journal of Genetics, 50: 348-359. doi:10.1134/S1022795414040103 

Bacci G., et al. (2014). Composition of supralittoral sediments bacterial communities in a Mediterranean islandAnnals of Microbiology. doi: 10.1007/s13213-014-0829-8

Maida I., et al. (2014) Exploring the Anti-Burkholderia cepacia Complex Activity of Essential Oils: A Preliminary Analysis. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Article ID 573518

Petraglia A.,et al. (2014) The capability to synthesize phytochelatins and the presence of a constitutive phytochelatin synthase are ancestral (plesiomorphic) characters for basal land plantsJournal of Experimental Botany. doi: 10.1093/jxb/ert472  

Coppi A., et al. (2014) Low genetic diversity and contrasting patterns of differentiation in the two monotypic genera Halacsya and Paramoltkia (Boraginaceae) endemic to the Balkan serpentines. Flora 209: 5-14

Galardini M., et al. (2013) Permanent draft genome sequences of the symbiotic nitrogen fixing Ensifer meliloti strains BO21CC and AK58Standards in Genomic Sciences 9: 2

Galardini M., et al. (2014) DuctApe: a suite for the analysis and correlation of genomes and OmnilogTM Phenotype Microarray dataGenomics doi: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2013.11.005 

Pini F., et al. (2014) Molecular phylogeny of the nickel-resistance gene nreB and functional role in the nickel sensitive symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterium Sinorhizobium melilotiPlant and Soil 377: 189-201

Bacci G., et al. (2013) StreamingTrim 1.0: a Java software for dynamic trimming of 16S rRNA sequence data from metagenetic studies. Molecular Ecology Resources doi: 10.1111/1755-0998.12187  


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